SIMON KIM.October 2017


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The forest is not just trees

there are fireflies & other birds

the spirits & the nighttime

centaurs galloping away

hoofprints in the mudbank

a soaring saxophone solo

doric columns everywhere

the historicity of history is

people like a glimpse

here then mostly gone

this really happens I see it

I was there when you folded

a $ bill into a crane for me

& when I undid the creases

tonight is like bad cocaine

did I ever tell you the story

of when my mother told me

she was a child & one day

a stranger came to her village

he had tiger pelts for sale

she felt sorry for the tigers

she said that later he was arrested

for being a communist spy



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I’ve invested

in another

dozen or so


auguries. Does

n’t god work

in obvious

ways? That’s


I learned from

therapy. At night

jasmines bloom

pale stars. Orca

whales have

culture. Ancient

viruses wait

in melting perma

frost. The color

green unfurls

the heart chakra.

Currency is still

official. Thunder

only happens.



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Overcast & wind & wind

chimes leaves last night

katydids like rain arguing

your cat is moving erratic

brushstrokes the how is

something I guess I love

its insistence & plasticity

the air spasms from war

once there was a monk

who drank only mountain

dew today I will decline

the eclipse every summer

a few more friends pass

on correspondence lost

or inconsistent I just don’t

want to spend my life



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Veins of neon light the bar

submerging everyone in air conditioning

why aren’t my poems being published

they grew a human ear on a rat’s back

a resounding success

I sat reluctantly in the adirondack chair

the rx bottle is half full

my spider plant looks more like a spider than a plant

I just got the internet

literature & dying ficuses in a window

the dog & his lunging became less charming

we didn’t know what to say

the sky was fuzzy & too close

stars fertilized us with neutrinos

I felt rage & confusion like a hamster eating her newborn

I gave all my cash to a robot

water water is everywhere

a man sang something wonderful

you don’t have to be anything

I said I’ll see you later

my psychiatrist said god willing

grasshoppers hopped in the grass



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Whippets are spooky dogs

the dawn doesn’t scrawl itself

a child soldier in a field

how do you get over it

these days are new & wasted

red red wine all of the time

the movie starts with shooting

at an applebee’s everyone

murdering everyone

a bullet is beautiful & scary

I guess that’s kinda personal

my attractive coworker said

my lips are tobacco stained

the guy who punched me in the face

waiting in the ten items or less line

he has a bag of grapefruits

a rotisserie chicken & some

other stuff you will never know

when I was eight I so badly

wanted to find a pterodactyl egg

I think about throwing her bike into a river

the railyard at night sounds like whales singing

everything you’ve done was not wrong



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Simon KimSimon Kim
lives in Chicago with his cat, Prince.








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October 2017.SIMON KIM